"To stimulate interest in and broaden knowledge of the Russian people, their culture, and their language."

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      Summer-Fall 2012  
  • May 3 — Путь к свободе — A Pathway to Freedom, Scottsdale
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  • Phoenix Armenian Church Seniors Group — monthly
  • Tucson Russian Club for Russian-speaking kids ages 2-5 years old (music classes)
  • Tucson Rusyny Folk Ensemble — alternate Saturdays (2 pm) & Sundays (12 pm)
  • Russian Bible Study — Every Wednesday, Mesa
  • Russian Language Christian Discussion Group 2nd and 4th Thursdays

2010 г.

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May 3   Fri 7 pm Путь к свободе — A Pathway to Freedom
Legacy Gallery, Second Floor Salon, 7178 Main Street, (NW corner at Scottsdale Road), Scottsdale, Arizona

Free Lecture – A Russian Documentary about Project Restoration Russia and Marilyn Murray's counseling method and new book.
  • Andrei Nigai, Documentary Producer
  • Natalia Nigai, Ph.D., Director, Murray Method International Center, Moscow
  • Roman Popov, Director, Pastoral Care, Health Restoration International, Ltd.
  • Roy Carlisle, Editor

Soviet survivors to tell their tales of healing, The Arizona Republic, Nov. 6, 2006, Page B12

November 4  Tue Russian Holiday: День народного единства
Day of People’s Unity, or Day of National Unity – The newest official Russian holiday first celebrated in on Nov. 4, 2005. This "Unity Day" replaces the former "Day of Accord and Reconciliation" (Nov. 7) which had already replaced the Soviet "October Revolution Day". The anniversary of the socialist revolution of October 1917, which established communist power, still survives. The system is gone, but many still cling to the custom. Also translated: "Civil Unity Day:, and "Peace and Harmony Day":  Radio Free Europe: New Russian Holiday Has More Behind It Than National Unity

December 12 Fri Russian not official holiday: Constitution Day
This was instituted in memory of the nation-wide referendum held on December 12, 1993, which resulted in the adoption of the first Constitution of the Russian Federation. The original Soviet Constitution was first observed on December 5th, and then changed to October 7th in 1977. In today's Russia, Constitution Day (December 12) is not considered a popular holiday, for many people Constitution Day is simply an additional day off. — See the The Public Opinion Foundation Database: Holidays for data for 21 survey results.

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For over 15 years, this organization grew as the GCC Russian Club at Glendale Community College. 100s of people joined, many events were hosted, and new service programs were started. For the first time no advisor has volunteered for 2005 and the Cub is "temporarily disbanded" from the campus. As of November 16, 2004, this organization is temporarily independent of Glendale Community College, but continued to exist as a non-profit community service entity — the largest Russian-American Club in Arizona.. Emailing list 1000+

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